Room Additions

Room Additions are a great way to expand a home you already love. Many people these days are giving up a formal living room and dining room to open up and expand to a great room where the whole family can gather. Often times we are pushing out walls and area so you can enjoy your outside space as well as your inside space.  Here at Sutton Construction we get attached to your reason for an addition or remodel and want to give you everything you are asking for. In all cases we make recommendations based on what we would want for ourselves in the clients’ position. You have to trust one another and really get involved. We are there working with you in your home, your personal space, and that can be frightening in the beginning. As the project unfolds most people get more and more excited and we love to see that. At Sutton Construction we pride ourselves on long lasting relationships. This year might be an addition and next year could be a remodel. Many of our customers have asked us back for another project and that is the biggest compliment we can get.

Additions – Garage Shop

If you have the space and a few hobbies let us build you your own personal garage space to allow you to have more hobbies, more family get together or just a space to store your hot rod. Have the plans and can show you exactly how it can work for you !!

Additions – Spa Bathroom

Your very own Sanctuary.

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