Shellworth Chevrolet - Commercial

Tom Shellworth

Sutton Construction is our ‘go-to’ for all our construction needs.  Steve and Lisa are a great team.  Steve handled our recent dealership remodel and worked directly with General Motors to ensure that every detail met their standard.  The end result was much appreciated by staff and customers alike.  And it was done on schedule!

Through the years we have asked Steve to solve issues both simple and complex.  When we had an ADA compliance issue like many local businesses, we called Steve.  Thorough research and attention to detail made final compliance a relatively easy task.

I recommend Sutton Construction whole-heartedly for anyone’s construction needs.Shellworth Chevrolet - Dealer Image Matters


At Sutton Construction we have been fortunate over the years to make many long lasting friendships. We were introduced to Mr. Shellworth some 15 to 20 years ago when we built his home. As local business evolves and changes we recently were given the opportunity to help Mr. Shellworth remodel his Chevrolet dealership. Working with Chevrolet and GM was a great experience and made us feel connected to a longtime business and friend we will support for years to come.